First Light Ayurveda: Pregnancy, Kids & Women’s Health… Naturally

First Light Ayurveda was born out of the love for pregnancy, women, children…and of course, Ayurveda.
All of you have the opportunity to experience life with optimal health and your full potential.
First Light’s mission is to help you get there.

“First Light” is both the first light of the soul incarnating inside your womb and the first light of Mother’s heart, once she has accepted this role. Life changes forever for the better at these moments, as your heart has never before known such love & connection. First Light Ayurveda is here to serve you, the women, mothers and children…

Wendy Arneill, R.N. and Ayurveda Practitioner, has extensive knowledge and experience in Eastern and Western medicine. Her life work has revolved around natural healing modalities, Ayurveda being the greatest influence. She is also a Registered Nurse, with experience in both Emergency and Labor & Delivery. She understands true health, physical, emotional and spiritual, and how they weave together our sacred selves.

Ayurveda is Mother Nature’s Medicine. It understands how your  physiology works within YOUR unique nature. It brings balance, without negative side effects (most often the contrary, bringing side-BENEFITS as a result of treatment). In the process of healing or maintaining optimal health, your consciousness grows, as well. Ayurveda treats body, mind and spirit, whatever is needed at the time. We use a variety of tools including: herbal medicine, food & spices as medicine, lifestyle adjustments, body treatments (self-treatments and/or professional treatments), meditation, breath work, essential oils, Vedic Astrology and it’s remedies, Yoga, and more.

Please call Wendy for an introduction to Ayurveda and how it will help you, your kids or family. Many results are seen immediately, with longstanding issues taking more time to heal but with positive progress along the way. A major difference for Ayurvedic healing….the effects are lasting. Heal the root cause of your problems, and your future is enlightened.

With love,

About Wendy Arneill

Wendy offers her service to women and children with the best of both worlds, traditional Eastern and contemporary Western medicine. Registered Nurse and Ayurveda Practitioner, she studied directly under Paul Dugliss, M.D., and was a student of New World Ayurveda, where she earned her Ayurveda credentials and now serves as faculty to the NAMA certified school of Ayurveda. Her studies continued with the world renowned Kumuda Reddy, M.D., both medical physician and Ayurvedic physician here and in India, who’s focus is pregnancy, women and kids. Wendy’s Ayurveda and holistic health training includes many other teachers and influences along the way, and she continues to learn from colleagues and her clients. She serves as a guide and consultant to other Ayurveda Practitioners. More importantly, Wendy is a Mother herself.

Spirit ‘work’ is natural for Wendy. She is a Reiki Master & Teacher, and intuitive healer. Her energy work began with her initial Reiki training in 2004 and continued readily with highly esteemed Verlyn McGilvray, M.Ed., Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, in Lake Tahoe. Wendy’s treatments purify and enlighten, leaving you feeling radiant, high on life and love. They fast-forward your own progression of healing, consciousness, clarity and opportunity.

Wendy has bachelors degrees in nursing, biological sciences, and nutritional sciences, with credible experience as a registered nurse in Emergency Medicine and Labor & Delivery. She is a Reiki Master & Teacher, instructor of Kundalini Prenatal Yoga, Intuitive Healer, and birth doula. Wendy is a certified instructor of Heart Based Meditation.

Wendy provides full Ayurveda health care, specializing in pregnancy, women’s health and kids. She cares for women throughout the life span and in any life circumstance. She helps women and couples welcome their children into this world. She guides you to be their angels…keeping them healthy and happy as they grow. Clients come for physical improvements as well as mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing and expansion. People come with health problems, often ones which have not been relieved through more contemporary means. Symptoms are relieved and clients continue with Wendy’s care to maintain the valuable balance of Ayurveda and expanded fulfillment in their lives.

Wendy is not a Medical Doctor nor does she prescribe medications. She will recommend appropriate natural means of healing. She guides you so YOU heal yourself. This is true healing.