Astrological Remedies to Change Your Life

Are we really connected to the planets? Can Vedic Astrological remedies truly help prevent or resolve problems in my life? YES, and YES!!! We are intimately connected to the planets and learning the remedies for your individual birth chart (the karma you chose to work through in this life time) absolutely changes your life. For us adults, we know there are certain areas of our unique lives that give us more challenges, or the same challenge again and again. “Why can’t I learn this lesson?!” That same smack in the face that repeats itself again and again, no matter how much we try to resolve it….that’s a great example of weakness in the birth chart. Important: It doesn’t matter what we find in the birth chart (no one has the “perfect” chart), what matters is what we DO about it. The combination of meditation and astrological remedies are two of the greatest tools to resolve life challenges and move gracefully into the person you know you can be.

How does this affect our children? In India, the royalty are born with an Ayurvedic Physician and Vedic Astrologer to support their optimum growth. The astrologer then offers the gemstones and other remedies to the infant, to have for life, for optimum protection and potential in life. My life changed for the better in many important ways when I started using the remedies, and I have seen the same many times over in clients and friends lives.

I’m offering a one hour session by Skype or Facetime with a report emailed to you with your (or your child’s) birth chart and remedies. Email me to schedule. I will need your birth date, time and place.

Best wishes and health to you all. Happy new year to you!

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