Conceive Naturally

Conception can be many things…. Simple, easy, natural, radiant, and exciting. Or…cause of anxiety, fear, questions about your health or your ability to conceive… Ayurveda is holistic medicine, assessing the physiological functioning of the reproductive system, as well as the rest of the body. This assessment includes pathways that are well understood in Eastern Medicine but less so, or not at all, in Western Medicine. Now, western medicine is amazing in its glory… Yet sometimes there is more. Often, this ‘more’ can need a subtle but highly effective shift in order to allow for conception. In addition to the body, Ayurveda assesses the mind and state of emotions, which both can lead to blockages in fertility on their own, let alone coupled with a physiological imbalance.

First Light Ayurveda blends the wisdom of Ayurveda, it’s assessment and recommendations for resolving the imbalances, with intuitive healing and energy work, to work on all aspects of the client. We create and then simply allow the conception. Ayurveda is gentle yet effective, creating more ease and fulfillment, bringing positive “side benefits” rather than negative “side effects”. Wendy is nurturing and wise, facilitating a most enjoyable experience, different than a common fertility specialist, and she is blessed in helping women conceive.

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