Emotional health

“The heart that loves is always young.” ~ Greek Proverb

We are in the Vata time of year… We need more sleep and time to reflect inwardly, as the days get shorter and nights get longer. We are natural beings and we thrive when we allow our natural rhythms to take their proper course. Yes, life is busy. But give yourself the gift of letting go of a few unnecessary obligations this month. Vata is responsible for communication, movement, enthusiasm, adaptability, our nervous system and relates closely to digestion and symptoms of anxiety or depressed feelings. To pacify Vata in your body, especially during this Vata time of year (now until mid-winter), bring a little more peace into your life. Breathe. Sleep. Eat slowly and eat warm foods. Seek an instructor of meditation to learn the process of EASY meditation. The only way to reap the rewards is to begin with today and tomorrow, and slowly but surely allow for a little more time, a little more peace. Allowing for a little down-time now will revive and strengthen you, so your future will be full of enthusiasm and vibrant energy. It is your duty to take care of yourself, which means allowing a little space in your busy schedule for peace.

A key component to reflecting inwardly is connecting to your heart. Love is more than just for relationship; it is for the self, or for any of the world around us…the ocean, the mountains, the family, the career, the animals, the body, friends, painting, or whatever it is that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. If you have trouble connecting to your heart or the feeling of pure contentment within, and especially if you are defensive about trying to connect to these feelings, begin by asking yourself to let down your defensive walls. Ask for help, from a healing teacher or friend, to let you connect to this blocked emotional channel. Vulnerability will set in, as will the opportunity for unbounded love and adoration of your life. Love is cultivated from within, and love is what keeps us alive. Before the nights are much longer, begin to go within, and plant a seed of love that you water daily by acknowledging your own heart’s essence. Try to FEEL your heart, front and back, and be grateful for all it is and does. If you need help, contact any trusted healer, friend, or contact First Light Ayurveda. Embrace the love you are. Let it light up your life.

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