First Light Ayurveda exists to help women become mothers,
using the secrets of Ayurveda to invite this new life.

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  • Prepare for your best pregnancy (click to close)

    Whether you’re just thinking about conceiving a child or you’re having trouble conceiving, Ayurveda offers proven
    means for creating a most healthy and natural conception.



    We have the Eastern and Western understanding of fertility challenges, and we customize the most appropriate and natural remedies for each circumstance. We continue to have great success working with moms-to-be who have already tried Western fertility modalities for over a year without success. There are many reasons people may have trouble conceiving. Western Medicine looks at some of them, yet Ayurveda looks at aspects of your health that are not acknowledged by western medicine. Ayurveda has studied pregnancy for over 5,000 years. We offer natural and effective approaches to remove the specific blocks to your pregnancy. The solutions are most often simple yet highly effective. As a Registered Nurse & Ayurveda Practitioner, Wendy will work with any medical doctors or other practitioners you are currently working with, per request. Your initial consultation will provide you with your unique Ayurvedic plan. Or, call us with questions before we begin! Please see the “About” page to learn more about the modalities used in Ayurveda.




    Cleanse out toxins in body or mind and strengthen yourself for the journey ahead, to bring forth this new life…your child.

    Ayurveda recommends seasonal, mild cleansing to maintain an optimal internal environment in your body, for both you and your child to come. If you have the time before pregnancy, do yourself and your baby the favor of  “cleaning house” with appropriate purification followed by strengthening your digestive fire and body. You will reap benefits in pregnancy and postpartum.

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    Conceive Package: $950
    (a savings of 16% from full price of $1125)

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  • Conceiving Naturally with Ayurveda (click to close)

    For those who prefer to do a quick tune-up in preparation for conceiving.

    Detox or Balance the body to prepare for the incoming soul and your journey ahead.

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    Initial Ayurveda consult, 2 hours: $250

    Follow Ups, 60 minutes: $125

    Phone Follow-ups, 30 minutes: $50

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