Please meet with us to improve the day to day health and happiness
of your precious Little Ones!

* Mama/Baby sessions ~  natural remedies and rasayanas

* Toddlers, Grade School, High School: remedies, staying healthy, staying happy

* Phone, Skype or In-person visits welcome

* Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) chart remedies ~ bring the highest energy to your child's life



* Learn your child's Dosha (constitution) and what foods will best nourish him or her, to keep balance, season to
season, year to year, phase through phase!

* Discover how to balance the mind and emotions of your little angels through food and lifestyle adjustments.

* Find remedies to common childhood ailments like heavy congestion, food sensitivities, fevers, and more…

* Prevent common ailments! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Learn how!

* Teach your child that he is in charge of his health! Introduce Ayurveda and its natural ways of lasting health to
your older children (ages 8-18) in appropriate ways.

* Uncover the great support for your child, inherent in the sky. Vedic Astrology offers remedies that support
greater success from your child's strengths, and minimize any negative effects from his/her weaknesses. In India,
the royalty are given their astral remedies at birth and carry them on always to support their highest good. We
can do the same for our children!

* Let your child discover the value of meditation at an early age, with age-appropriate guidelines.

* Bless your older child with Reiki. Let her know this higher vibration for self-healing and broadening her
consciousness early in life.


Kids Package!

Three Consultations, one per season (vata, pitta, kapha seasons)
and Astral Remedies Report for a most transformational year!