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The Prevention Program is a home study course that teaches you the principles and most valuable knowledge of Ayurveda, from your own home. Ayurveda is holistic health care, proving itself over thousands of years as most effective in maintaining health and preventing illness. Ayurveda is founder of eastern health care, from which Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture were born. Western medicine shines at managing critical illness and injury. Ayurveda shines at preventing illness and injury. Additionally, it fosters greater enjoyment and flow in the life, so you can thrive and enjoy all of life.

The Prevention Program is 6 hours of produced video classes, which you can watch on the weekly schedule recommended, or at your own pace. You own the material, so you can review it at anytime. It includes 3 E-books on Ayurveda and health, 50 pages of additional course handouts, and “homework” that will create experiences for best integration of Ayurveda into your life. Also included is meditation instruction for you via Skype, in your own home or office. The course is provided to you by Wendy Arneill, RN, Ayurveda Practitioner, founder & director of First Light Ayurveda and First Light Fertility, and Paul Dugliss, MD, Ayurveda Physician, founder & director of New World Ayurveda.

Take this opportunity to easily bring the healing and loving powers of Ayurveda into your home.
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To your health…

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