We had tried to conceive for well over a year, my doctor had gone through multiple tests to see what was “wrong” with me and why we hadn’t conceived yet. Finally, I met Wendy. Her recommendations were totally different than anything I had heard from my doctor or online. I implemented a few things and conceived 5 weeks later. I loved my pregnancy and love my son even more. Thank you, Wendy!

5 weeks into working with Wendy and I learned I was pregnant. A few herbs and meditation did the trick, after years without pregnancy. She supported me through my pregnancy, sometimes in person, sometimes over the phone. Her advice helped me get to know my daughter in-womb and alleviated several episodes of stress or pregnancy-related issues like calf pain and trouble sleeping. Wendy was like an angel herself…

Jen, Reno

Small changes to my daily diet and routine, some herbs and meditation…and I feel fabulous! Totally doable, just took my intention to feel better, to heal from inside rather than seeking external band-aids. If you’re in need of an energy shift, boost, or you feel stuck in feeling “okay,” I highly recommend you see Wendy.

Christina, Santa Barbara

We had been trying to conceive for over a year, my doctor ran several tests to see what was “wrong” with me. Still nothing. I was frustrated and so disappointed. Finally, I met Wendy. Her recommendations were totally different than what I was told by my doctor or found online, but I tried the simple steps. We conceived 5 weeks later! I loved my pregnancy and love my son even more. Thank you, Wendy!

Ellen, Santa Barbara

One of the things I most appreciate about working with Wendy is her ability to love big and her unbounded enthusiasm for life. She always looks for the good and positive and truth in each situation and acts upon what she sees. She has the energy to back up her beliefs and the courage to live them. This unique and rare combination of talents causes people to notice her and want her to be a part of their lives. She reminds us of the real reason we are here: to love each other as Wendy does.

Verlyn, Incline Village

Clarity, serenity, stars and healing light….with Wendy.

Stephanie, Los Angeles

We need people like Wendy to help us raise our kids. We no longer have the proper communities to guide us in creating optimal health for ourselves and our children. The earth’s vibration is so high right now that we need something more for the children coming in to support the whole planet.

Claudia, Ojai

The year I spent working with Wendy was one of the most transformational years I’ve ever had. Through her detailed instruction, I was able to relearn normal sleeping patterns, breaking a months-long cycle of insomnia, anxiety and fatigue. Wendy’s personalized nutritional recommendations alleviated my chronic stomach pains and improved my digestion and satiety. Learning how to meditate was the most influential of her instructions, and it has resulted in a much improved mental focus, as well as emotional strength and a deeper feeling of contentment.

Kris, Santa Barbara

I just wanted to let you know I felt great after our session on Sunday. I left your place feeling almost high or euphoric. I called my mom on the drive home and had a great conversation. When I got home, I spent the evening laughing and cuddling with my hubby. While the “high” feeling has passed, I’m still in good spirits and good mood. I’ll be 37 weeks on Friday! Thank you again for the session – it was wonderful and relaxing. I’m honored to be you’re first client back after the birth! Such a perfect atmosphere for me to experience. You really do have a special gift and I would recommend you to anyone.

Amy, Santa Monica

Wendy is radiant with her own light, warm and highly intuitive. She has a wealth of knowledge and I am grateful for what I have begun to learn from her and excited to continue. It was like she opened a window to a new world and I have felt an intense shift in my life…

Ann, Santa Barbara